Our Works


Laurie Song

Association of PM2.5 on Cancer Mortality Rates

2018 Pennsylvania Regional Science Fair Award Winner


Ashley Bae

Southeast Region-at-large Silver Key: Personal Essay/Memoir

2019 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

Art Work

Richard Bae

Title: Deep Below

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 2018: My piece titled "Deep Below", an artistic expression of my inner self,  was awarded the Silver Key of Mixed Media for excellence in the visual arts


Eddie Bae

Title: Oil Rainbow Fish

Nature is contaminated every day, by everything from tiny pieces of trash to large-scale industrial disasters. Despite their devastating effects, all these things have a beauty of their own- their countless roles in human life reflecting our diversity like the rainbow colors of oil-contaminated water. But we must learn that our lives are part of nature, and that we cannot survive if nature is threatened, Right now, the balance is on the brink of collapse, gasping under the weight of our greed and our garbage. 

Oil Rainbow Fish.jpeg

Eddie Bae

Title: An Unfortunate Beautiful Tragedy

More than 15 billion trees are killed each year to make everyday items such as furniture and paper, and even for agriculture. Furthermore, the beauty of nature is being devastated by items that cannot be recycled. We can make a difference if we all commit to cleaning our surroundings and appreciating the wholesomeness of nature.

An Unfortunate Beautiful Tragedy.jpeg

Eddie Bae

Title: Sweet Release

The angler, though proud of his catch, has chosen to release a prize striped bass back into its lake. Focusing on the gasp of relief on the fish's face, this painting seeks to capture that first second of regained freedom. Accents of pearlized paint and sequins highlight the play of light on the fish's iridescent scales, replicating the effect of sunlight on a healthy living fish's skin.

Sweet Release.jpeg